Our headquarters

A showcase of excellent products

Più Sud is not just a showcase on the web but it is an ambitious project that aims to open stores in Italy and abroad.

Our first “Piu’ Sud Store “is located in Matera, the city of the Sassi. It is in the heart of the Murgia that we decided to inaugurate the first Più Sud Store, over 400 square meters dug into the tuff of the cavernous maze of the ancient Rione Sassi. A real sensory journey that will accompany you to discover the best food and wine productions of our land, leading you to rediscover values and traditions whose origin is lost in the mists of time.

Our Matera Store was designed to amaze: we forced the ancestral soul of one of the oldest cities in the world by accompanying it towards modernity, we asked its stones to host and protect the life and businesses of Southern Italy by welcoming these excellent products in an environment that we have transformed, giving it elegance and prestige.

Within this evocative space we welcome an enormous variety of products divided by thematic areas: from oil to pasta, from cereals to fruit and vegetables, from wine to beer, passing through cheeses, cured meats and spices that contain the flavors , the colors and scents of a unique land.

The store develops in depth, digging into the belly of the earth and accompanying customers on a journey to discover the authentic essence of Southern Italy and each of its regions. Here you will find the food and wine treasures that we have selected for you and thanks to a special multimedia path, you will be able to discover their history, retrace their origins and appreciate their value.