Our philosophy

More quality, more traditions, more South

Più Sud was born with the intention of promoting the food and wine culture of Southern Italy. Our mission is to research and select food products of the highest quality, made in line with ancient traditions.

Più Sud is an ambitious showcase that has the privilege of collecting and welcoming the best food products from Southern Italy and the honour of telling the stories of people and companies who with their passion have always delighted the tables of many consumers concerned about the value of quality.

Travelling in search of the best food and wine products in Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Apulia, Sardinia and Siciliy, our team has found that quality in the food farming sector in this part of Italy is everywhere.

Someone described our country as “the great Beauty”. For us these regions are simply “the great Quality” and our aim is to make available for a refined public the best we have selected for them.

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