Excellence at your table

As known, eating is a sacred thing for us Italians; on the other hand, the Mediterranean diet is venerated throughout the world as one of the cornerstones of a healthy and sustainable cuisine. And it is right here in the South that every day we celebrate the ritual of “sitting at the table”, an entirely pagan ceremony whose priests are the grandparents, the keepers of millenary traditions handed down with dedication.
For us in the South eating well means not only tasting well-cooked food, but above all staying all together and feeling the warmth of a convivial and genuine atmosphere.
For us every meal is a celebration, a moment of shared joy; every dish is a story that we never get tired of listening to, because it is never the same as is always enriched with something more.

That is why we would like you to learn to love food, just as we do; and we would like you to do it first of all by listening, because every excellence you find in “Più Sud” has always a story to tell.
Discovering how to combine our products through delicious traditional recipes will increase the desire to try our suggestions. Don’t stop to imagine and let us have your orders.
In this section you will find only recipes made with our products, which you can order at any time. Don’t give up bringing “Più Sud” to your table.

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